There's a Season for Everything.

Did you know that late winter is actually a really good time for tree pruning in Minnesota??!! I know as a native Minnesotan myself sometimes we can tend to hibernate in our homes over the winter and forget about the yard-work but if you’re indoors daydreaming about a beautiful yard come spring then NOW IS THE TIME to contact your local tree service professional! Pruning trees during dormancy is actually the most common practice and creates a vigorous and beautiful burst of new growth in the spring!!
It’s also easiest for the trimmer to see the tree shape & form in the winter, since their foliage is gone for the season. Trees and shrubs that flower in mid- to late summer should ALWAYS be pruned in winter or early spring. The only time needed not to consider seasonal timing is when working with a diseased tree. In that case—-any season that you may find yourself reading this—NOW IS THE TIME to contact your local MN tree service professional to remove that diseased branch and prevent the problem from spreading further!!! Pruning healthy trees at the proper time can help to avoid certain disease and physiological problems in the first place. Always consider the type of tree and time of year when making decisions about maintaining them..and when in doubt contact your friendly local Stillwater, Minnesota tree service professional (That’s us!!!) for more information.